Saturday, August 7, 2010

Weigh-In Day...

...was on Tuesday, as usual, but I didn't do a post. You may have noticed. I know that Mel did- thanks for checking on me, btw :) There is no change, I am in a slump - and I hate it. I really do. I am so ready to be back on track. I know that I am choosing to be slumpy ;) - the dictionary hates me right now!!! So I am officially getting over it. I am going away for the night with my husband on the 21st. We really deserve the mini-vacation, and I cannot wait. So, I figured that I have two weeks until then to give it my all. I am calling it my "New Attitude Challenge" or maybe the "Just Do It Already Challenge". Whatever, basically I have a plan and I am doing it - NO EXCUSES!!! Hey that's a good name - "The No Excuses Challenge". So, anyway, I am committing to one hour a day of Wii fit, 60 crunches a day and weights every other day. Food-wise I will be 100% on plan. I wrote up my meal plan for the days leading up to our escape mini-vacation and I am sticking-to-it. I have been doing awesome today, Yay me! I am also going to be using affirmations and meditation to keep me focused and feeling fabulous. I am really tired of feeling like poo. Done! I am also drinking a set amount of water each day, 'cause it's on the plan - and there are no excuses remember??? So it's pretty simple - I just need to stick to it and then I will feel fabulous. With today being day 1 there are 14 days total to my personal challenge. I am planning to post each day of the challenge and keep track of how awesome I am doing. Today's food was 100 % on plan and I did 1/2 hour so far on the Wii. I know I have to finish up the rest of my exercise and I will. I have to, that is the beauty of my "No Excuses Challenge" - or whatever it is called - I gotta do it! Tomorrow I will be back to tell you for sure that I did in fact finish it all up. Hope all is great with all my fellow bloggers!

Bye for now,

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