Tuesday, August 17, 2010

2 Week Challenge - Day #11 and Weigh-In Day

Good morning :)

It's weigh in day again. I am still doing well on my challenge, but I forgot to do my crunches yesterday - Yikes! No big deal, I will just double up today. I was a little worried that the scale was going to be unkind today even though I am doing so well. I did not want to post the same weight again. But then I decided that I am placing too much importance on the numbers and not enough on the fact that I am doing awesome! Seriously, I am a Superstar!!! I was just about to put 'just kidding' but I'm not ;) I have been doing really well. I have proven once again to myself that I am my only obstacle. So anyway I was all prepared to have a crappy weigh in and be all fine with it, but then the scale was nice. I am down to 185.02 lbs. I lost 2.86 lbs. this week! I am happy with that, but it is kind of like icing on the cake because I am so happy about how well I am doing with my challenge. I am .09lbs away from a 20 lb. loss now. So close!!! I have almost lost 10% of my weight and I have 55 lbs. more to go. Today that doesn't sound so bad! I know that it is doable.

Today I will be using these affirmations:

-I am a creature of peace, courage, and joy
-I am comfortable, confident and at ease in all social situations
-I am filled with energy and vitality

I found them here, enjoy!


  1. Way to go! Attitude is everything eh?!

  2. That's fantastic, congrats! I just love your attitude. You go, girl! :)

  3. Great job Cara!! Keep going strong, i know you can do it!!!