Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Progress Pic :)

Hi again :)

I am just doing a quick post to put up my progress picture for my first 20 lbs lost. It is crappy quality. I am sure I mentioned before that my computer and camera are no longer on speaking terms? Well, anyway, that means I have to print, then scan, then post. Which means for now I have crappy quality. I cannot notice a difference in my pics. But, oh well! I am posting it anyway:)


20 lbs lost:

Bye for now,

P.S. I am joining the Fat to Fit Blog Hop again. It is hosted by Lucy @ Diminishing Lucy and I found a lot of other really great blogs last time I linked up :)


  1. It is very noticeable in your face. Well done you!

  2. Hi Cara,

    Yes, I see it your face. That's usually where it starts with people and it works it's way down!

    I'm so happy you have decided to be you! The world needs more people like you.



  3. Yep, I can clearly see it in your face and neck. Great result. Well done, Cara!

  4. 20lbs lost is a big deal, I hope you realize that!
    The loss is noticeable in your upper arms too. Way to go Cara.

  5. I agree. It is noticeable in your face and the line of your neck. Congrats to you!

    20lbs... How many kgs is that? (Don't worry, I'll Google it)

  6. LOL about Melissa's comment! I am always trying to do the quick converstion in my head too so that I can know how many pounds my aussie friends have lost!

    Cara - I'd love to have you in the challenge! Just drop me a note with what you are gonna do. Or you can post it on your blog, I'm following you now =)

    <3 Katie

  7. agree... very noticable in your face!! great job. jess
    (found u thru the blog hop! www.helpmewalkawaythepounds.blogspot.com)