Thursday, August 12, 2010

2 Week Challenge - Day #6

Today is day six of my personal challenge and I am still not feeling it. I know that this is just a step I have to get through and I also know if I pay attention I will learn something and be able to move ahead with that knowledge. But I am not in that place right now. Apparently I am in a place of mopey-ness and irritability and I really just feel like giving up. Oh well! Whoever said this journey was going to be easy? I never thought it would be, but I know that it is worth it. So, even though I am not "feeling it" I am going to workout and I am going to make better food choices. I love myself enough to do what I really need to right now. I am not gonna lie, with my crappy attitude, it is kind of sucking - but I am sure tomorrow will be better. Plus, even negative Cara cannot deny that exercising just feels better! I have completed half of my Wii workout and I will do the rest this afternoon. My food is on plan.
I was looking around for a fresh affirmation today and found this one on Secrets of A Weight Loss Master under meditations:

Just for today I will practice self-acceptance. The struggle ends with me. I choose to stop struggling. I deserve peace.

I guess it was just what I needed today, I like this one a lot!
Anyway I am off to reclaim my positive attitude, hope everyone is having an awesome day :)

Bye for now,

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