Wednesday, August 18, 2010

2 Week Challenge - Day #12

Hi. I am almost done my challenge. After today there are only two more days and then I am going away for the night with my husband. I am so excited. We never go away and we have been together for 15 years! I think it is about time that we had some alone time :) I am feeling kind of lazy today. I Did not want to drag myself out of bed at all. It is not a mystery why. I definitely did not get enough sleep last night. Maybe I should include an 'in bed by ten' rule in my next challenge. Actually that is a pretty good idea! I think I will commit to being in bed by ten o'clock from Sunday to Thursday night and do it for two weeks. I bet I will feel amazing! I did my whole workout last night and I am really proud of myself. I used to have this inner tape going on that would say "You don't have time to workout today, you are too busy, just make it up tomorrow". But of course "tomorrow" I would be overwhelmed with all I had to "catch up" on that I would never get to it. Yesterday I went out with my sister and the kids and didn't workout by the time I was starting to make dinner. My sister said "Oh well! It's just one day" and the old me would have listened to her. I was even trying to talk myself into skipping it. But I did my weights while dinner was cooking and I did my crunches whenever I had a few minutes and by the time the kids were in bed I just needed to do my 1 hour on the Wii fit. Then I ran out again to see my other sister and when I got home it was a little later than I expected and I once again tried to talk myself out of exercising. I really just wanted to relax and watch a dvd :) Then I decided that I could watch the dvd anytime and today was only here right now so just workout already. I did! I completed my whole workout yesterday, even the crunches I missed from the day before. And I did it on a crazy day, when before I just "wouldn't have the time". I am definitely my only obstacle. I am the only thing that can get in my way. When this two weeks is over and I have done everything I set out to do it is going to feel so good. I am committing to this. I am changing for me! It is so funny. I sometimes, like today, start writing a post and I feel lazy or disinterested or just not "into it" - exercising and being healthy or just getting motivated, I mean. But so many times by the end of my post I have given myself a pep talk and I am ready to do it all! Blogging is definitely the best thing I could have done for myself. I am being more supportive of myself and I am getting support from some really awesome people too! :) Well that is it for today. I think it will be a nice quiet day at home with the kids today, we'll see. Either way I will definitely get my workout in.

Bye for now,

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