Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Challenge

I am still here, I have just been neglecting my blog I guess. I went on a mini vacation with my family and it was so nice. We definitely needed to get away and have some family time. I have to say, though, that I am really off track :( I hate this. I am not giving up though. So that is good. I have realized that turning this weight loss into a challenge with my sister isn't working for me. I knew from the beginning, because it isn't the first time a family member has talked me into a challenge like this. The reason I did it anyway was because it was working for my sister, it was keeping her motivated. I figured I could just go along for a month and that would be it. But now she wants to keep it up and I am going to have to say no. I lost some momentum and I am pretty sure I have slipped back quite a bit with my weight loss. My eating has been pretty atrocious, so I am not just being hard on myself. I am sure there will be a gain. I didn't forget to weigh in on Tuesday, my weight was exactly the same as the week before. I will post it, but I am amazed there wasn't a gain - I am sure there will be one this week. Anyway the challenge is done on Wednesday and then I have a fabulous, easy, get-back-on-track plan for July. Yay. I really wish I could go back in time and undo the crappy choices of the last week. Oh well, live and learn :) As long as I do learn it is a victory. I am ready to get back into feeling fabulous!

Hope you had a great weekend :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

An Awesome Idea!!!

I am feeling fabulous! I am loving it. It is amazing how everything seems to be shifting inside of me. I am ready to accept the very best and it just keeps coming to me. I know that it all has to do with my attitude. I am once again choosing to be happy and I can feel it in every part of my life. I am focused and I feel like I am really on track. But I also feel like if I have a slip up I am not going to let it consume me, the way I used to. I am being my own best friend and it has made so much difference.
It is crazy how so many small and seemingly simple changes can add up and completely change everything around. Little things like being kinder to myself, and taking time to enjoy myself. It can be as simple as taking the time to use my hand lotion, or doing my hair nicer, or even just taking a break with a cup of tea and a good book. I am letting myself do these things without guilt now, because I know that I deserve to be happy.
Can it be this simple? I just have to love myself? I think that it can be, I think this is the key. I am not saying that it is easy, but I know that I am going to make it to my goal. I just know it. I am loving myself and treating me the way I always should have. I am not being a victim anymore and letting other people tell me how I should be treated or how I should spend my time. I feel so many changes taking place inside of me and the weight loss is just a very small part of it. An awesome part for sure, but the key is just doing it. I don't accept excuses any longer, not from myself. I know that I will either do it or I won't, but the choice is mine.
One strange thing that is happening is that I am finding myself wide awake by 6 am. This is unheard of for me. I usually get up by 7, but I do it grudgingly and spend a good part of the morning feeling irritable and fuzzy-headed. But amazingly the last few days my eyes open and I am alert and happy to start my day. I feel like I have so many amazing things to discover. If I feel this much better already, what else is in store for me? What else have I been missing out on? I cannot wait to find out! The very best part is that I am now ready to accept all the good things coming my way.
I was reading this post on the blog 266 and LOVED (loved, loved, loved) the idea of the self preservation kit. I think the idea originally came from here on MizFit Online and I really, really can't wait to make one of my own. I even have the cutest hatbox, that my M.I.L. gave me as a gift, to fill with all my goodies. I am going to use it for days when I am feeling that I have to work a little harder at it, or when I just need a pick-me-up. I have a ton of ideas of what to put in there, things that inspire and energise me. Can't wait to get it done, I'll let you know what I come up with. Thank you ladies for the awesome idea.
Well I am off to do some laundry, the excitement never lets up around here ;)

Have the greatest day, you deserve it :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Weigh-In Day

It's weigh-in day again. I am just going to do a quick post to track my weight and then I am off to have a cup of tea. It's been a long day, okay it is always a long day :) But I am going to go and relax before bed. So my weight today is 188.10 lbs. I am down 16 lbs. in total!!! That feels really good. I am noticing such a difference already. I have collar bones and ankles again! :) More noticeable on my left side. So, either I am put together all wonky, or this is normal? Please, just say it is normal :) Well I am going to get off now before I get all rambly.

Happy Tuesday :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Weigh-In Day

Today is Weigh Day! I am so happy to be posting that I am officially out of the 190's. YAY,YAY, YAY!!! - that was a mini party btw ;) I do not plan on being there ever again. I am at 189.64 lbs today, for a loss of 1.76 lbs this week. I am stepping it up now too, because I really do not want to lose the competition my sister and I have going on. She is super competitive and would never, ever, ever let me forget it. I can't wait to see how I do next week. We are going to see Eclipse at the end of the month (me and my two sisters) and I told them I want to get extra-sexy for Edward ;) Yes, I am that kind of dork :) Anyway, that's all for today, happy to be into the 180's! Oh, and I had to buy new bras because mine were all too big around (Yay again). Anyway I, for once, did not get white. It is amazing how motivating pretty underwear can be. Maybe I am just weird though. Oh well.

Happy Tuesday :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Keeping Up

I am doing well today. Keeping up with the food journal - so that is good! I hate it when I read back over it and see crappy food, so I am eating less crappy food :) I plan on biking later, my daughter has soccer so we will bike there. There is some exercise at least. I also plan on fitting my usual work out in later tonight after the kids are in bed. That is not ideal for me, but I am not going to skip it just because I couldn't do it first thing in the morning. Tomorrow is weigh in day, so I really hope that the scale is kind. Anyway, that is it right now. There was a tornado about fifteen minutes away from here yesterday morning, that is so crazy to me. I cannot believe how much damage there was. I am pretty sure that nobody was hurt, thankfully. Well, I will be back tomorrow!


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Journaling and A Nice Compliment

I am writing down EVERYTHING I eat today. I am doing really well and actually counting calories! Yay me!!! I will keep this up. I know it is good for me. When I write down what I eat I actually stop and think before I put something in my mouth. Plus I never have to wonder if I am off track, I can just look in my food journal. Sometimes I am frustrated at how hard I am making this weight loss journey, but not today :) Today I know that it is only as hard as I make it. I am going to get out of the house with my sister and the kids and get moving. I have a lot of support and I am going to be grateful and accepting of all the help I can get. I am worth it, and I do deserve to be happy. This morning when my husband hugged me he said "You're wasting away" which is funny but soooo not true, but then he said "seriously I can really feel a difference in your waist". That was nice, he has really been great, and he is definitely noticing all the work I am doing. It feels good :)

Heading outside to enjoy the sun!

Friday, June 4, 2010

A Little Freak Out!

Okay, Grrrrrr!!! I am FREAKING OUT!!! Ever since my sister asked if I wanted to do the challenge for the month of June I have felt a little out of control. I don't think I am doing really badly or anything, but I can't seem to maintain my focus. I am doing okay, but I have to work harder at it since we started this. She told me she has already lost 2 lbs. and my husband is sure that is why I am struggling. He is sure she is trying to make me lose confidence. I don't really agree. I am not sure what it is, and I am not giving anyone the power to make me lose confidence. Whether I win or lose or whether I gain or lose it is all on me. I am choosing to do this and if I give up I will be choosing to do that. So why am I freaking out? Maybe it has to do with the fact that I have been hiding for so long? Huh! Maybe it is as simple as that. Maybe I just don't ever give myself permission to get out there and be myself and try new things. So now I am just feeling a bit uncomfortable with the exposure? Does that make sense??? I guess in that case this could be a really great thing for me. I want to learn how to be out there. I want to be comfortable, so I guess this is a good step. OK, so, that's enough freaking out then. I can be focused........okay I will make an effort anyway :) Blogging has really been helping me. Even when I am not blogging myself I am reading all of the other amazing blogs out there. I am so glad I finally just did it. Hey, I guess starting this blog was a way that I really put myself out there. DUH!!! :) I guess if I am doing this the challenge with my sister should be a piece of cake. Okay, so get on with it already! So many times all I have to do is start typing and I figure something out. I feel like I am rambling again. I am going to make sure to write down everything I eat from now on. I know that I do better when I do this, and it is just silly not to take advantage of all the tools I have. Especially ones that I know work for me. I definitely feel better now. So here is my plan of action:

1) Write down everything I eat
3) blog, blog, blog

Simple, huh?

Happy Friday everyone :)

P.S. I wrote 'piece of cake' and didn't think 'Hey, I want a piece of cake!' - I am truly amazing...LOL!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weigh-In Day

Just a quick post today to track my weight-loss. I was at 191.4 this morning on the scale. That is a loss so I am happy about it. But I am confused a bit because my weight was down a lot more just yesterday. Oh well, that's how it goes I guess. Things are a little hectic and stressful around here right now, but I am not letting it get me down. I am choosing to be happy even though it is a bit more difficult than usual right now. Oh, and my sister wants to have a weight loss challenge this month. We have until the end of this month and whoever loses the lowest percentage of weight pays the other $20. We are having our dinner and a movie night on that day so it'll be really nice to have her paying for part of my evening out :)

Happy Tuesday :)