Sunday, August 8, 2010

2 Week Challenge - Day #2

Yesterday was awesome! I was 100%, completely, on track. We watched a movie and I made popcorn. I am not ruling anything out right now, just making better choices, so popcorn is okay. I had some, but I filled a small bowl from my husband's ginormous one (seriously?! ginormous is in the dictionary? - huh). Anyway I ate my bowl, and that was it. I had noticed on Wednesday and Thursday and Friday and Saturday that the scale was creeping upwards. Yikes!!! I was sure Tuesday's weigh in was going to be another disaster. But today, after just one day on plan, it stopped. It not only stopped, it went down!!! I knew that this challenge was a great idea. I have already done my hour on the Wii today. I just need to get my crunches done. Now I can't wait until Tuesday. Yesterday when I got on the scale it said 187.44 lbs. That is a gain of 2.64 lbs. in like four days! How is that even possible!?!? Salt, or something, maybe? Whatever - ewwww! This morning made me hopeful again, and it showed me that every little step in the right direction makes a huge difference. I can do this. I really know I can! Now I am just waiting for my after.

I am adding this song just because I love it today :)

I will be using these affirmations today:

- I love the feeling of making progress.
- I enjoy being healthy.
- I'm feeling happy today.

I found them on this site. They are pretty simple but they felt right today. I also found this quote on someone's facebook page this morning and it fit my feelings today exactly:

"When we feel stuck, going nowhere even -- even starting to slip backward -- we may actually be backing up to get a running start." ~ Dan Millman

Bye for now,

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