Sunday, September 12, 2010

Finding Balance

In the spirit of being honest, I have to admit to something.
I have not been exercising!
At all!
Since I finished my personal challenge about 3 weeks ago. Yikes!!! I know.
I was taking some time to "be kind to myself" and "working on my emotional junk". I talked about it here a little. Anyway that was a great idea. I really did, and do need to work on being kinder to myself and dealing with emotional stuff - but not at the expense of everything else!!! So that is where balance comes in.
I have been working so much on the internal stuff that my healthy eating, and exercising have gotten pushed aside. I haven't been doing horribly. I did fine with my eating and I was active everyday, but not on plan at all.
I am really starting to feel a difference in my body because of this. Things are loosening up and even though I have lost weight I am pretty sure it is muscle.
So I obviously need to work on finding balance. I need to keep to a routine at all times, on good days and bad days. I have learned that exercise makes me feel 100 times better. Balance is not going to come when I quit working on one aspect of myself to face another. It will come as I learn to manage juggling all aspects.
If I do not do this I will just continue to go in circles. Since, as we already know, I have a tendency to be self-destructive, that is what I usually do. I can keep going back and forth, losing track of one area and beating myself up for it and then starting the whole cycle all over again. This is self-defeating, so I am putting a stop to it!!!
I am going to implement a new No Excuse Workout Routine. This is what I will stick to no matter what. That way I am on plan even when I am dealing with other junk.
So, it is fairly simple, and leaves room for other activities, but I think that just establishing a routine will stop the cycle. It is going to be 1/2 hour on the Wii Fit 5 days/week and weights on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Minimum!
I will start taking better notice of my food intake, but I haven't got a "plan" yet. I think this is a huge step. It should definitely help with the balancing act!
If you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment. I really appreciate the help.

Bye for now,


  1. Hi Cara,

    I set 2 exercise goals for myself, the bare minimum I do and what I'd like to do if all goes well. That way I fall somewhere in the middle ground, which works out.

    My bare minimum is to walk at least 15-20 mins a day. I manage this most days. Then I also do more during the week when I can. This way I never feel like a failure because I'm flexible. I don't set the bar too high or too low.

    Some days when I'm overwhelmed by it all I just ask this simple question. What one thing can I do for myself today? What happens is that most day I do something which keeps me pretty active and healthy.

    It's the continuous effort that counts, and the results add up to me managing my weight and exercise goals.

  2. I exercise with my Wii, too. I like Wii Fit, but I prefer EA Sports Active which gives me a much better exercise. It comes with resistance bands and you can do both cardio and strength training with it. There are two games in the series Personal Trainer and More Workouts, but both are stand alone programs, so you can only pick one. It has done wonders for me. If you get a chance check that it out.