Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hey, It Really Is Tuesday :)

And here I am. Believe me, I am shocked too :) Anyway I am here and I weighed!  My weigh-in wasn't exciting at all, I am maintaining.  I had a high calorie day on Sunday and I am back into working out.  That usually gives me a quick weight loss, maybe next week will be batter (scale-wise).  But I am just glad that I am finally getting it together and posting
I had company over the weekend.  I mentioned that I want to start stepping out of my comfort zone, and I did!!!  I initiated the get-together!  You probably don't think that is a big deal.  But for me it is.  I usually wait for people to contact me, I wouldn't want to bother anyone (ugh!).  But, I just did it!  I am starting to realize that people like me!  When I am just being myself, I am a lot of fun :) 
Plus, a nice thing happened while they were here.  They really noticed how much weight I have lost!  People haven't really said anything (aside from my mom and my sister's), and I was really okay with it.  I figured it was maybe awkward for someone to say 'hey, you look smaller' or something.  Plus, I can really tell a the difference, so it didn't really matter what anyone else said or didn't say.  I didn't think it would be a big deal if anyone did notice, but it was nice :) 
Anyway that's it for now.  I am thinking that I will be doing my very own workout challenge again.  It worked really well for me last time.  I seem to do fine if I challenge myself, I am still not so good at challenging others.  I am not sure if it bothers me so much now.  So, I am going to figure out my plan and post it later. 
I have been noticing some amazing changes in my body lately and I want to add more exercise in.  I miss it! Weird, huh? - LOL!

Bye for now,


  1. I am seriously thinking that we are one person split into two bodies. It's unreal. I wouldn't want to bother anyone has been my mantra for way way too long. And yeah, people like me, too, which is kind of a shock for me. I get how big of a deal it is. It's huge. Well done, Cara :)

  2. I HATE phoning people for the same reason! I am always afraid they are going to be annoyed that I am phoning.....I am getting better =)

    It's amazing how we forget how great we feel when we are exercising!

  3. K, I can't wait for the day when I miss exercise, 'cause I sure don't yet ;)

    You are doing great, keep at it.

    Yay you!