Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Weigh-In Day

Hello :) Happy Tuesday everyone! I was sure my weight would be up again this week, but it actually isn't. I lost .88 lbs - I will take it and be happy about it, a loss is a loss after all. But, I know that I can do better. So this week I will see how well I can do. I am busy with redecorating my daughter's bedroom. I plan to be painting so much that I won't even be able to even think about overeating. She wants to switch rooms with the baby so we are planning on switching and redecorating it for her by the 20th, which is her birthday. It is going to look really awesome! I have this whole big plan and I cannot wait to finish it for her. My husband was a little resistant at first, but now he sees the brilliance that is my plan and he is ready to help out ;) Anyway, that's all that is going down around here right now. I could be eating better and I could be exercising more - my mini goal for next week will be to not have to write that last sentence. I want to give it my ALL. I am going to try and scrub off some paint I just found on my arm - ooooh I am going to Google how many calories painting burns!

So much to do, bye for now


  1. A loss is a loss eh? Good for you and keep up that spirit.
    Are we going to get to see the new bedroom? I know this is your weight loss blog, but a departure is ok, since you will be shedding calories as you work? lol

  2. I love your positive attitude! And any weight loss is awesome...you are heading in the right direction! Keep it up Cara!