Thursday, July 15, 2010

Do You Hate Skinny Girls???

I am reading back through a book I picked up a few months ago. It is called Secrets of a Former Fat Girl and it was written by Lisa Delaney. While I don't agree with the whole book, I thought there were some useful ideas in it, so I am skimming through it again. Anyway one thing bothered me the first time I read it, and today when I opened the book I was annoyed all over again. The very first sentence on the introduction page is "You don't know me, but you probably hate me." The reason I probably hate the author, according to her, is that she is a size 2, has run marathons, eats chocolate every day, etc., etc. This really bugs me. A lot! I do not hate skinny girls. It never occurred to me that I should. Why would I??? Because they make different choices than I do? Because they are cuter than me? I am completely aware of how I got here, to this size. I ate too much and I didn't move enough - or much at all! I chose to be fat, on some level. Assuming that I hate all skinny girls make it seem like, because I am fat, I am full of envy and/or jealousy. So not true!!! I am full of Doritos ;) Just kidding! But seriously, why would I hate someone because they chose differently than me? I don't get it. I am aware that some people do, hate out of jealousy, I am not completely naive. But I really feel like it is a huge waste of time. Time that I choose to spend on other, more productive, things. Such as finding my missing ankle bones, for example ;) So what about you? Do you hate skinny girls? Is there a club I should have joined? Just curious :)

Bye for now,


  1. I totally agree with you Cara! I've never hated someone because they were skinny. In fact, most of my friends are on the smaller size...i don't choose my friends based on their looks.

    This reminds me of something that happened years ago. I was out for lunch with my best friend and her soon to be mother in law. And let me just say that this woman was not small. In fact she was considerably larger than me. And she said to me that she found it odd that my best friend was so tiny, that she thought because of my size that i would hang out with girls larger than me, to make me feel better about myself. I stared at her like she had horns growing out of her head! I didn't even know how to respond! Is that nuts or what? Or do some people actually do that? Like you said, i'm the one that did this to myself, i don't blame anyone else for this, and i love my friends dearly, skinny or not!

    Good for you for not wasting energy on hating, i feel the same way. I'd rather save it for when i need it on the treadmill! LOL!

    S :-)

  2. Wow to the comment before me! Yeah, sounds like she definitely had horns. lol.
    Yeah, I'm not into the whole hating skinny girls thing either...unless they give me dirty looks or I catch them saying something about me. In that case I wish them no less than a big 50lbs. on their hips. :D j/k
    I love your pic by the way! :) You're so pretty Cara. I saw that I lost another follower and didn't see your stick figure anymore under my friends list and thought you were gone. :( I finally figured out that you outed yourself....after a little while. lol Glad to see the real you. :)