Friday, July 2, 2010

A Good Day :)

Today is a good day :) I am doing so well. It feels really good! I did really great yesterday, as well. I am setting goals and writing them down. I am keeping track of my food and I am being kind to myself. Yesterday I read this post written by Chris at A Deliberate Life and it really helped put things into perspective for me. Do I really want to quit? Of course not. I refuse to stand still and accept whatever I get. I am going to take control of my life. I am going to create it as beautifully as I can imagine. I am ready to accept all of the good things that are coming to me. It is amazing to me that after all the struggles it is really just as simple as choosing. I am just choosing to be better. That is it. I am choosing the good and accepting only the best things for me. I am getting healthy because I decided to quit trying. I decided that trying is nothing but a big waste of my time. I will not try to feel better and eat healthier and enjoy my life. I will just do it. Anyway, that's all :) I was just feeling really good and wanted to keep a reminder for myself. Accepting my good feels a lot better than quitting does!

Happy Friday!

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  1. You're so positive and doing so well. So happy for you! You deserve it. :)