Friday, June 4, 2010

A Little Freak Out!

Okay, Grrrrrr!!! I am FREAKING OUT!!! Ever since my sister asked if I wanted to do the challenge for the month of June I have felt a little out of control. I don't think I am doing really badly or anything, but I can't seem to maintain my focus. I am doing okay, but I have to work harder at it since we started this. She told me she has already lost 2 lbs. and my husband is sure that is why I am struggling. He is sure she is trying to make me lose confidence. I don't really agree. I am not sure what it is, and I am not giving anyone the power to make me lose confidence. Whether I win or lose or whether I gain or lose it is all on me. I am choosing to do this and if I give up I will be choosing to do that. So why am I freaking out? Maybe it has to do with the fact that I have been hiding for so long? Huh! Maybe it is as simple as that. Maybe I just don't ever give myself permission to get out there and be myself and try new things. So now I am just feeling a bit uncomfortable with the exposure? Does that make sense??? I guess in that case this could be a really great thing for me. I want to learn how to be out there. I want to be comfortable, so I guess this is a good step. OK, so, that's enough freaking out then. I can be focused........okay I will make an effort anyway :) Blogging has really been helping me. Even when I am not blogging myself I am reading all of the other amazing blogs out there. I am so glad I finally just did it. Hey, I guess starting this blog was a way that I really put myself out there. DUH!!! :) I guess if I am doing this the challenge with my sister should be a piece of cake. Okay, so get on with it already! So many times all I have to do is start typing and I figure something out. I feel like I am rambling again. I am going to make sure to write down everything I eat from now on. I know that I do better when I do this, and it is just silly not to take advantage of all the tools I have. Especially ones that I know work for me. I definitely feel better now. So here is my plan of action:

1) Write down everything I eat
3) blog, blog, blog

Simple, huh?

Happy Friday everyone :)

P.S. I wrote 'piece of cake' and didn't think 'Hey, I want a piece of cake!' - I am truly amazing...LOL!!!

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