Thursday, June 17, 2010

An Awesome Idea!!!

I am feeling fabulous! I am loving it. It is amazing how everything seems to be shifting inside of me. I am ready to accept the very best and it just keeps coming to me. I know that it all has to do with my attitude. I am once again choosing to be happy and I can feel it in every part of my life. I am focused and I feel like I am really on track. But I also feel like if I have a slip up I am not going to let it consume me, the way I used to. I am being my own best friend and it has made so much difference.
It is crazy how so many small and seemingly simple changes can add up and completely change everything around. Little things like being kinder to myself, and taking time to enjoy myself. It can be as simple as taking the time to use my hand lotion, or doing my hair nicer, or even just taking a break with a cup of tea and a good book. I am letting myself do these things without guilt now, because I know that I deserve to be happy.
Can it be this simple? I just have to love myself? I think that it can be, I think this is the key. I am not saying that it is easy, but I know that I am going to make it to my goal. I just know it. I am loving myself and treating me the way I always should have. I am not being a victim anymore and letting other people tell me how I should be treated or how I should spend my time. I feel so many changes taking place inside of me and the weight loss is just a very small part of it. An awesome part for sure, but the key is just doing it. I don't accept excuses any longer, not from myself. I know that I will either do it or I won't, but the choice is mine.
One strange thing that is happening is that I am finding myself wide awake by 6 am. This is unheard of for me. I usually get up by 7, but I do it grudgingly and spend a good part of the morning feeling irritable and fuzzy-headed. But amazingly the last few days my eyes open and I am alert and happy to start my day. I feel like I have so many amazing things to discover. If I feel this much better already, what else is in store for me? What else have I been missing out on? I cannot wait to find out! The very best part is that I am now ready to accept all the good things coming my way.
I was reading this post on the blog 266 and LOVED (loved, loved, loved) the idea of the self preservation kit. I think the idea originally came from here on MizFit Online and I really, really can't wait to make one of my own. I even have the cutest hatbox, that my M.I.L. gave me as a gift, to fill with all my goodies. I am going to use it for days when I am feeling that I have to work a little harder at it, or when I just need a pick-me-up. I have a ton of ideas of what to put in there, things that inspire and energise me. Can't wait to get it done, I'll let you know what I come up with. Thank you ladies for the awesome idea.
Well I am off to do some laundry, the excitement never lets up around here ;)

Have the greatest day, you deserve it :)


  1. YES!

    small simple steps add up to huge things (just wrote a post about that same thing)

  2. I think you're totally onto something here! And i love the idea of a self-preservation kit...gonna have to start thinking of some much needed items!

    Thanks again Cara! :-)

  3. See? I knew you had a good just had to see it for yourself. ;) I like the self preservation box thing. I think I already have something like that but maybe I'll add a bit more. Thanks for the idea. :)

  4. I left you something over on my blog...