Saturday, January 28, 2012

Learning and Snuggles Too :)

So, I did not get my workout in yesterday. I said I definitely would and I didn't.
I let a lot of other stuff get in the way, good stuff :), but still I let the day get away from me.
I had a fantastic day, really great, so I cannot complain. But I do see where I could have a done a few things differently and gotten my workout in. So I am going to pay attention :)
First, I decided to let my workout wait when my son woke up early.  I chose snuggle time over workout time. I am happy to snuggle, I am sure it helped make the day so fantastic, snuggles are awesome!!! 
But, I am sure I could have squeezed my 1/2 hour in there somewhere. Actually I know I could have.
Once I let it slide in the morning it was easier to push it til "later" and then, when I was really busy I didn't end up getting to "later". 
So last night at 10:30 I decided to start again this morning and I did. 
I left out all the old ugly thinking and just decided to learn from this day.
One day missed is not a catastrophe, as much as I would like to pretend it is and console myself with cookies :)  I am doing great and I see how I can plan my workouts better, so it's all good.
That's it!

Bye for now,

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  1. I love your attitude. I have such a hard time thinking one little slip up is a disaster and go eat. Thanks for the great reminder that I don't have to think like that.