Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Weigh-In Day

Hello :)  It's Tuesday again and, as usual, I had my date with the scale this morning.  My weight is 176.22 lbs this morning.  I am down 0.88 lbs from last week.  It isn't a huge loss, but it's a loss.  I will take it! 
In my last post I mentioned how well I was doing with my eating.  But you may have noticed that I didn't mention exercise.  That is because I wasn't doing it.  None, at all.  Anyway I decided to get back on track with that too.  I am committing to my minimum half hour per day again.  I am really glad that I did.  Yesterday I worked out for one hour on the Wii and then I did my crunches and weights.  This morning I have already completed my half hour and I feel really good. 
When I get off track and skip workouts I end up making a huge issue out of it in my head.  I will think things like "I need to start working out again" and turn it into this big huge thing in my head and then I end up not doing it and time goes by.  I realized that I was doing this and I stopped and thought that instead of making a huge deal about working out everyday, and getting back into it, and worrying about how much I should workout - I need to just get moving!!!  So I did.  I worked out yesterday and I worked out today.  I stopped worrying about the details and I stopped planning a workout and I just moved.  And, not at all surprisingly, I feel great. 
I didn't even realise I was sabotaging myself, but I was.  I was getting so caught up in thinking about what I should be doing that I wasn't actually doing anything.  Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky!!!  Does anyone else do this?  Anyway that's it for today.  I have plans for today so I better get moving.

Bye for now,


  1. Good job on the weight loss for this week ! I am sure a bigger loss will be next time.

    I beleive we all sabotage ourselves in many ways without even realizing it. However once we do, the positive changes start happening. Kudos for getting back on the exercise wagon, I need to do that myself !

  2. Good job on the loss! It's great that you are getting moving again!

  3. Great news about weight and exercise! Congrats.

    Ohhh I used to do that thing all the time. I still do it sometimes, but it's happening less and less. My life improved so much when I stopped dwelling so much on everything and started actually doing stuff.

  4. Hi Cara! I haven't seen you around lately and wanted to say hello and see how you were doing. I hope you are having nice holidays. Give us some news from your world when you have a moment. *Hugs* :)