Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Weigh-In Day

Hello :)

Happy Tuesday! I am feeling pretty good today. It is a beautiful day here and I am just feeling good all around. I am really being grateful for everything in my life and just enjoying the good things. I love when I feel this way. Like I can conquer anything. It's funny, that quote by Charles Swindoll that says, 'life is 10 percent what happens to me and 90 percent how I react to it' is sooooo true!!! I know this for a lot of reasons but lately it is really being reinforced for me. Things have definitely not been going smoothly around here lately and yet I am still happy and cheerful, almost annoyingly so :) First of all we are finally putting a new roof on our house and garage (you should know I am super-cheap so this is a huge deal for me), then our truck which we very recently put almost $1000 into (and that is just recently) conked out on us and we are in the middle of buying a new one. Those are the majors, there is and always will be the other annoying little day to day troubles. But I am still happy and cheerful. I can feel a huge shift going on within me. I am choosing to be happy, and I am living with an attitude of gratitude and it feels good! Okay, now I am starting to annoy myself, lol :) Anyway today is weigh in day so on to it I guess. I am at 192.28 lbs. today. That means I have lost like 1.76 lbs. this week. Happy, happy, joy, joy!!! I will take it. Well I am off to fold the laundry.

Hope you are all as annoyingly cheerful and happy as me today :)

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  1. Your cheerfulness is NOT annoying at all! You deserve to feel good; you're doing so amazingly well and feeling good about yourself is part of your success.

    Yay you!