Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Weigh-In Day

OK, so, today is weigh-in day again - YAY!!! Ummmmm - NOT! :) I am not too happy with today's weight. But, I guess, on the bright side of things I know exactly what happened. So that is good atleast. Now I know what to avoid. Today's weight is 197.34, btw. Yuck, it is a gain. I almost didn't want to post it and I got a bit upset, but then I chilled out. I realize that this is just part of my journey and I can either make excuses and beat myself up, or I can learn and move on. I am choosing to learn and I am choosing to love myself and be a good friend and just move along already. I have work to do :) I know what the issue is, the same one that often trips me up. It usually starts when I eat around certain people. In this case it is my mom. For some reason being around a few certain people makes it so hard to stick to my plan. I am not going to accept this excuse anymore though. Maybe I used to get off track when I was around certain people, but from now on I do not accept this excuse. Because that is exactly what it is. My inner sabotager says, 'you always overeat when your mom is over, or you m.i.l. or your sister', so I let it happen. Then I can just use the same old excuse, but I spotted it this time and I no longer accept this excuse. I find it is easy to stick to my goals no matter who I am around!!! I am definitely going to affirm this often, and I am making sure to keep my eyes open for some of my other usual trip ups:)

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!

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  1. Not a problem, lesson has been learned and you are still wonderful, so keep at it. I'm rootin' for ya!