Thursday, January 6, 2011

Weekly Weigh In (Updated)

Hi :)  Happy New Year!!!  I am still here.  Just doing a lousy job at keeping my blog updated.  Which means, as I am sure you know, that I have not been doing so well.  But that is all for another post, because right now I just want to update all of my weekly weigh-ins that I didn't enter before.  I got the info off my Wii, so the list is officially updated.  Now I will be moving forward.  I have a bunch to tell you about.  So I plan to be back soon and post it.  I started a new challenge, I learned a thing or two about sugar...there are definitely some posts coming.  I am feeling back on track and I am not taking it for granted this time.

Dec.   7 - 177.98 lbs.
Dec. 14 - 178.64 lbs.
Dec. 21 - 174.02 lbs.
Dec. 28 - 175.56 lbs.
Jan.    4 - 176.66 lbs.

Jan.    6 - 174.02 lbs. - And today's weight just because I wanted to make a note of how quickly things change when I start taking care of myself and cutting out all of the junk and the sugary or salty things.  It seems crazy that my weight can change that much in such a short time.  Does this happen to everyone?

Well, anyway, I am all updated and ready to get moving again - happy to be moving on!

Bye for now,


  1. Congrats on the loss! It is amazing how your body can thank you for eating right.. :)