Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Weigh-In Day

I am feeling really great. I am so much more aware of my whole body - already!!! I usually get to this point and then I start feeling too cocky or something and everything falls apart. I am watchful right now, looking ahead for those traps that usually trip me up on this familiar journey. I refuse to be sidetracked. There are no excuses this time, I am ready to LIVE my life. I have been reading a few blogs out there and I am SO inspired. It feels like there is a whole community of friends out there who I can look to for support when I am having a tough time. I officially started tracking this weight loss endeavor :) last Tuesday, April 13th. So my official start weight was 204.1 lbs. and my B.M.I. was 34.01. I have been weighing myself each day because I am using Wii fit plus, but I am only going to keep track of my weekly weight here. So since today is officially one week I can log my new weight, it is 198.2 lbs. and my B.M.I. is 33.09. I am sure that it must be water weight, and that I cannot really expect to see a loss like this again, but WOW!!! It was really nice to see the number actually getting smaller. I have taken a before picture and I plan to post it as soon as my computer and camera decide to play nice again or whenever I remember to print it out, so soon-ish :) I am planning on taking pics every ten pounds along the way, is this too many?? Okay, well I am off to begin another fabulous week.

Happy Tuesday everyone :)

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  1. Congratulations! That's a great loss. Keep it up!