Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weigh-In Day

I am here on weigh in day, it's like a miracle or something :)
I updated my weekly weight chart and my weight today is 161.48 lbs.
I am ready to go!
My weight has gone up and down a bit in the last month.  I let stress consume me and than I, in turn, consumed too much :)  That's something I do sometimes still I guess. Yuck!!! But good to know.
Anyway, I wanted to get a post done today before I hop into bed. I am so tired. It is a good tired though :)
It has nothing to do with stress or drama and everything to do with physical activity. Yay!!! :) It feels good.
I'll be back soon!

Bye for now,


  1. Oh, you are back! So nice to see you posting again, Cara. I applaud you on making it through a very sad and rough month and ending up at practically the same weight as your lowest. That I call a success! Well done!

    I believe 40 pounds lost photos are in order :)


  2. Hi Floriana :) I am really glad to be back. This month has been draining.
    I am surprised that I am at almost the same weight too. I didn't realize it until I posted my weight chart on here, but I gained almost 7 lbs. one week. WOW!!! Stress definitely got the better of me.
    I definitely have to get my progress pics up. I know it is time when my husband keeps saying "have you taken your picture yet?" LOL, he is so funny :)
    Thank you so much for all of your support, you have been a great friend.
    Hugs right back at you :)